Design Ora Ito

Sofas and fixed and swivel armchairs with a highly distinctive design featuring a special insert between the backrest and seat which graphically divides the cushions into two, especially if upholstered in contrasting colours.

The bearing frame is made of beech and poplar multi-layer wood and supports the seating system composed of elastic webbing.

The padding of the structure, seat and back is made of different density polyurethane foam sections.

Upholstery is available in fabric and leather.

Black painted steel or polished chrome-plated steel base.

  • Ora Ito

  • 本名 Ito Morabito,1977 年出生於馬賽,是當今備受推崇與影響力的法國設計師。

    早在 1997 年時 Ora Ito 便以最年輕之姿,成為與眾多國際指標品牌合作的新銳設計師;設計作品遍及科技、建築、家具及精品等產業,Ora Ito 總能以他那超乎常人的思維和「設計」對話,並始終信奉著「Simplexity」──化繁為簡、最為人性化的設計理念,將作品變得更加流線、有機、更具意義。
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